• 12/09/2016 6 views

    New Report Highlights IT and Healthcare as Key Drivers of Our Regional Economy

    The Greater Washington Workforce Development Collaborative, an initiative of The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region, has partnered with JPMorgan Chase & Co. to develop new a research report, Greater Washington Works: IT and Health Careers with Promise, released today. The report focuses on how our region can address the skills gap and lift more of our neighbors out of poverty through careers in IT and Healthcare. With over 70% of net new jobs requiring post-secondary education and training, the Washington regional economy continues to be highly knowledge-based. Local employers, ...

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  • 12/06/2016 24 views

    Update on Lynhill Condos Fundraising Effort

    In response to the emergency housing situation at the Lynnhill Condominiums in Temple Hills, Maryland last month, The Community Foundation in Prince George’s County responded to an outpouring of support from the community to support the immediate needs of those impacted. Approximately 77 families were affected by a power shut-off due to a long-standing conflict between owners, the condominium association, and utility companies. We are very proud to announce that, because of the community’s deep generosity, we have collected over $24,000 in donations. The Community Foundation made a grant ...

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  • 11/22/2016 24 views

    The Spirit of Giving

    Friends, This is the time of the year when so many of us join with family to give thanks, take stock, and look for ways to give, big and small, to our neighbors and communities. In philanthropy, we call this “the giving season.” We also know that you – our donors, nonprofits, funding partners, and friends across the greater Washington region – embody this spirit of giving not just during this season, but all year long. Today we want to celebrate Thanksgiving and the spirit of giving that so many of you ...

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