20th Anniversary Thank-a-thon – Salute to those who give where we live!

Dear Friends,

While we mark the 20th Anniversary of The Community Foundation in Montgomery County (CFMC), we also are reflecting on how much our community has grown and changed.  Most people are surprised to discover:

● Over 1 million people live in Montgomery County (compared to 757,027 in 1990).

● We have 159,242 kids in public school, 68,950 (43%) of whom have had to rely on the free and reduced priced meals program at some point.

● A family with 2 adults and 2 small kids needs to bring home $83,000 a year to achieve self-sufficiency, which is the equivalent of more than 4.5 full-time jobs at the minimum wage.

● 1 in 4 households does not have a financial safety net, meaning an unexpected health crisis or job loss could have devastating effects.

As we continue our thank-a- thon series, we would like to showcase the donors who invest in nonprofits to help our low-income neighbors lift themselves out of poverty.  Today, we’d like to tell you about the Simon Family.

Like most people, Neal and Jennifer Simon came to The Community Foundation because they wanted a smart, tax-efficient vehicle to consolidate their giving. After chairing the CFMC Advisory Board, Neal was looking for a way to get the whole family giving time, talent, and treasure to their community.  That’s when Sally Rudney, the founding CFMC Executive Director, connected them with Interfaith Works. 

The Simons started by becoming a friend and mentor to a single father raising young kids.  Before they knew it, they were involved in countless programs: serving meals, building the new clothing center, coaching people to look for jobs, and joining the visionary team behind the new strategic plan. 

Today’s “thank you” is to the Simons and all of our donors like them who have discovered how rewarding it is to invest in high-impact organizations helping our neighbors in need.  We are especially grateful that their viral enthusiasm draws in family and friends by illuminating the needs and showing others how they too can make a difference.

Anna Hargrave, Executive Director
The Community Foundation in Montgomery County

P.S.  Today is your last chance to register for our 20th Anniversary Celebration coming up this Thursday, November 3rd at 6:30pm.  www.CelebrationofGiving.org.