CityCenterDC’s Grantee, N Street Village Changing Lives

Guest Blogger: Natasha Coates, N Street Village Resident


Feeding my addiction was my “job” for fourteen years. Of course substance abuse isn’t a job but if felt that way to me. Through God’s grace and mercy, He brought me through trials and tribulations. Today I am a living testimony. It starts with you and it ends with you.

I’m a resident of N Street Village, a CityCenterDC Opportunity Grant awardee. I started my job search by going to the Job Keepers Meetings at N Street Village. By passing both of my practice interviews in that setting, I felt inspired to step out on faith and look for jobs. It gave me confidence that I could get a job even if I had been turned down before. I could keep trying.

I’m now a proud employee of ShakeShack. The most important part of my job is customer service. It is important to greet customers and always have a smile on my face, even if they don’t have a smile on their face because that lets them know that someone cares about them. Sometimes customers are unpleasant. For example, today someone took the ketchup and mustard and smeared it all over the counter but I just thought, “Hey, these things happen” and cleaned it up before my manager could even notice. I like to be on point at work.

Maintaining a job takes endurance. To stay motivated I just pray. When I get come from work, I say the serenity prayer and thank God for allowing me to get through another day clean and sober. I like getting to work early to her my employers say, “Natasha, you’re awesome.” It motivates me to hear good feedback from my managers who count on me to get the job done. Also, it motivates me to make honest money. At the end of the week I have a pay check and I feel awesome that I worked hard to earn my money and I didn’t have to do something that I didn’t really want to do to make that money.

To other job seekers that are struggling to find a job, always believe in yourself no matter what. Know that when one door closes, God opens another door. So you just have to keep searching.