Donor’s Vision for a Scholarship Fund Supports Student’s Access to College Education

Nearly twenty five years ago, Renee Morgan of Hyattsville, MD was in the eighth grade at Nicholas Orem Middle School when her mother lost her battle with cancer. Years later, just two weeks after her college graduation, Renee faced dire times again when her father had a fatal heart attack. Today — despite these staggering challenges — with support from her family, friends, and plenty of “surrogate” parents, Renee has first-hand knowledge of the lasting impact a caring community of support can have on getting ahead & moving forward in life.

Aware that higher education is becoming increasingly difficult for all families to afford, Renee had a clear vision to help youth who have endured similar challenges. In 2011, she connected with The Community Foundation in Prince George’s County to create the Footprints Scholarship Fund which supports access to post-secondary education for students who have lost a biological parent. In just four years, Renee, along with close friends Omar Boulware, Courtney DeRamus, and a following of corporate givers has raised nearly $100,000 through the Footprints Scholarship Fund! This year, they awarded a grand total of forty thousand dollars to support three young women attend the college of their dreams.

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Thanks to the Footprints Scholarship Fund, these students will embark on a fortified path to higher education. Looking ahead, Renee is already working to ensure that future students will have access to this charitable resource as plans to endow the Footprints Scholarship Fund are well underway.

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For more information about creating a scholarship fund at The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region, please contact us at 202-955-5890.