Making a Good Jobs Program Even Better: How to Strengthen DC’s Project Empowerment

Community Foundation grantee DC Fiscal Policy Institute (DCFPI) released a new report this week analyzing Project Empowerment, one of the District of Columbia’s largest investments in job training for adults. Project Empowerment serves over 800 residents every year in job training programming with an opportunity to attain subsidized employment with local businesses, government, and nonprofit employers for up to six months.

In their report, DCFPI examines Project Empowerment and similar subsidized employment programs nationally, finding that while Project Empowerment has features that have proven effective in other programs across the country, there are some reforms that could be adopted that would improve outcomes. More on the report from DCFPI can be found here.

DC Fiscal Policy Institute has been a grantee f the Greater Washington Workforce Development Collaborative, and initiative of the Community Foundation. To find out more about the our Workforce Initiatives, or learn how you can become involved, please contact Benton Murphy, Senior Director, at