Post-Election Reflections

In the wake of a contentious election cycle, many members of our community are wondering what comes next for our region and our country. Certainly there are many questions still to be answered, but we at The Community Foundation want to say a few words now to our partners, donors, and those we serve throughout the region.

The Community Foundation’s investments work to make our community more equitable, just, vibrant, and livable. Together we must have open and respectful conversations about the responsibilities and lessons of living in a democracy. The election exposed the underlying racial divides and pervasive inequality that endanger the nation we want to become and the community we want to foster here in the national capital region. These are not only policy issues, but affect the safety of our neighbors. We cannot sweep these injustices away, and we recommit to listening to, being a champion for, and making a difference with the most marginalized people in our community so that they have equitable access to safety net, education, and employment opportunities that will make our region stronger.

Going forward, we will assess the anticipated impact on our region of the evolving policy environment. We will look for opportunities to listen to community voices and to provide a platform for civic participation and discussion, neighbors talking to neighbors. Together with our partners in government, business, the nonprofit sector, and our donors we will build relationships, craft solutions that embody and honor civic spirit, and work together to achieve them.

Especially during this time – our commitment to our values will not waver. We are committed to equity, racial justice, and to an inclusive community that is vibrant, resilient, and economically prosperous for everyone. We are better when we all work together, learn together, and listen to each other.

Bruce McNamer
President and CEO at The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region