Quick Dose of Inspiration: Fostering Racial Justice

Throughout Philanthropy Week, your Community Foundation team will share our own “inspiration lists” that provide valuable insights into how we can make our region stronger and ensure that everyone receives the support they need to thrive. As you think about your own giving this holiday season, we hope these collections will inspire you as well.

Today’s list is brought to you by Lee Christian Park (Senior Director, Philanthropic Services) who is deeply passionate about fostering racial justice. Here is a quick list of resources that you may find inspirational as you think about how to make our diverse communities

The Race Card Wall by Michele Norris. Michelle started the Race Card project by challenging people to write thought about race in 6 words or less. The results can be thoughtful, funny, heartbreaking, brave, teeming with anger, and shimmering with hope. For Lee, this collection serves as a reality check on the current state of race in the America.

Life Beyond Measure: Letters to My Great-Granddaughter by Sidney Poitier. This is a profound perspective on the history so many African American families have lived. When reflecting on this memoir, Lee shared, “I always remain appreciative of and learn from the journey and challenges lived by those who came before me.

Color-blind or Color Brave TED Talk by Mellody Hobson, a successful African American business woman who challenges us to have real conversation about race. She asserts that we need to be “Color Brave not Color Blind.”

Want more ideas for how you can invest time, talent, and treasure in order to foster racial justice? Then stay tuned for the recap of our “Taste of Philanthropy” conversation about race, racism, and the future of our community.

In the meantime, contact Anna Hargrave at 301-495-3036 x 161 or ahargrave@cfncr.org to learn more about our “Taste of Philanthropy” series of community-conversations.