Sharing Prince George’s County: How Business Leaders Can Connect with Nonprofits

The Sharing Prince George’s County initiative gives us the opportunity to conduct Site Visits with several nonprofits in the County. Those who join us include our board members, donors, other nonprofit professionals and business leaders. Last week, we asked one of our participants, a Corporate Contributions Manager, to describe how site visits help businesses create a roadmap to benefiting the communities they serve. Check out the responses below.

Q: What advice can you give to Prince George’s County business leaders interested in engaging in community philanthropy?
A: The Sharing Prince George’s program is an innovative and convenient way to learn about the impactful programs conducted by local area nonprofit organizations. If you have been tasked as the lead person within your company to identify and recommend strategic partnerships for your organization’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, then this can be a great solution. The foundation staff have pre-arranged the entire experience. Simply review the list of site visits, participate and learn more about non-profits.

Q: Why did you choose to engage in these site visits?
A: As a Corporate Contributions Manager, I sometimes get bogged down with paperwork. When this happens, I clear my calendar and schedule as many site visits as possible. This really helps me re-connect with those in the community who are in need. It is extremely impactful when you see the charities in action and learn about the beneficial programs, services and resources they provide to their clients and to the county. Sharing Prince George’s made this process very helpful by creating a calendar of site visits…I merely had to choose based on my levels of interest.

Q: How will visits like this help you carry out your philanthropic goals?
A: As a Corporate Contributions Manager, I am expected to identify CSR programs that align with our company’s business goals. Many of our customers are also clients of the non-profit agencies that are showcased via the Sharing Prince George’s initiative. This is a great win-win to ensure that we are providing our resources to help those most by supporting the charities that provide those services.

Q: What aspect(s) of the visit was most valuable to you?
A: The Volunteers of America (VOA) program is an organization that exemplifies how effective partnerships can garner great success. Because their clients are in need of various resources, it is imperative that VOA connect with other charities to establish strategic partnerships. Their Permanent Residence Housing Program is just one of many initiatives that offers intensive, interactive client services to ensure that their participants develop substantive goals towards their mission to one day become independent.

Q: What do you see as a critical action step that needs to happen to help this nonprofit carry out its goals?
A: While the program is extremely effective, it appears to be limited in the resources that can be provided due to space limitations. Funding to increase the number of residential sites is critical to the overall success of the VOA Permanent Residence Housing Program.

Contact Alicia Barrett at if you are interested in participating in a site visit.