Support The Prince George’s County Neighbors in Need Fund

In response to the recent emergency housing situation in Temple Hills, Maryland, The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region in Prince George’s County is making available The Prince George’s County Neighbors in Need Fund to accept donations from members of the community who are interested in supporting the immediate needs of those impacted.

Approximately 77 families were affected by the recent power shut-off due to a long-standing conflict between owners, the condominium association, and utility companies. “The complex is largely occupied by renters and in a state of disrepair. As residents find emergency and new housing options, our hope is to support emergency measures in the short term for rapid re-housing, and then begin to look at longer term solutions,” said Bruce McNamer, President and CEO of The Community Foundation.

Contributions to The Community Foundation will be disbursed with guidance from the Prince George’s County Government, which is providing case management for the affected families. The Prince George’s Neighbors in Need Fund provides an opportunity to support the provision of basic safety net services to residents, including food, clothing, shelter, and emergency financial assistance.

Click here to donate to the The Prince George’s County Neighbors in Need Fund.