Young Women’s Project launches their 2015 DC Peer Educator Network Summer Institute Training

UnknownLast week, staff from The Community Foundation attended the Young Women’s Project’s DC Peer Educator Network (DC-PEN)  Summer Institute Training at Howard University’s Burr Gymnasium.  DC-PEN aims to create a city-wide network of well-trained, productive youth peer educators who reach thousands of teens with school-based education, health resources, and condom distribution — and at the same time — build a supportive network of community-based organizations working in partnership with youth who are committed to improving youth health outcomes. Youth are recruited, trained, and developed as health experts and educators by community-based Partner Organizations who also manage youth education and condom distribution work at one or more DC public and DC public charter high school sites.  Youth educators are integrated into classroom based health education, conduct their own one-on-one education and condom distribution, organize school-wide events, and coordinate outreach for HAHSTA WRAP-MC and STI testing programs.

Peer educators are organized into three groups as either Level 1 staff educators or Level 2 staff trainers.  Level 1 staff work four hours a week and are paid $7.25 an hour.  Level 2 staff work six hours a week and are paid $8.25 an hour.  The Institute provides 24 hours of paid training and peer educators earn a paycheck ranging from $130 to $300 monthly depending on the number of hours and their level.

The new cohort of 60 peer educator recruits represents 14 DC public and charter high schools and will begin work in September.

For more information about the Young Women’s Project and the DC Peer Educator Network, contact Nadia Gold-Moritz by phone at 202.332.3399 or