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Make The Community Foundation your Foundation. Whether you need one-stop repository to track your historical philanthropic giving or a philanthropic partner to work with you to achieve your philanthropic goals, The Community Foundation is your one-stop shop.

Setting up your own named charitable giving fund is easy, rewarding, and doesn’t require great wealth. We manage funds of virtually all sizes and shapes, from a minimum of $10,000 to tens of millions of dollars. For a modest management fee, we help grow your fund through sound investments, and work with you to distribute your charitable gifts to qualified nonprofit organizations that matter to you. We also research nonprofit organizations, so that you can know that the charity you’re supporting is well-run, in compliance with IRS rules and regulations, and that your donation will make an impact.

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Getting started is easy. Give us a call at (202) 955-5890 or express your interest by sending us an email.