Setting Up Your Fund

Setting up your Donor Advised Fund is quick and easy. You may choose the fund name when the fund is created and most donors choose to use a family name or a name related to the causes they support. The minimum establishing gift is $10,000 and you may make additional gifts to your fund at any time. The gifts can be in the form of cash, real estate, stocks, mutual funds, closely held business interests and/or more complex assets.

In addition, we offer “Community Futures” Funds. These funds can be established with a minimum of $2,000 but grant recommendations cannot be made until the fund value exceeds $10,000.

Recommending a Grant from Your Fund

As a donor advisor, you may make recommendations for grants to tax-exempt charitable organizations at any time by completing a Grant Recommendation form or through our online system, DonorCentral. The minimum grant allowed is $250 here is no limit to the number of grants allowed each year. We will perform the due diligence to ensure that your recommended grant recipient is recognized as a charitable organization by the IRS. In order to comply with IRS Regulations, the Foundation’s Board of Trustees is ultimately responsible for approving disbursements from your fund.

Click here to read all guidelines and benefits of starting a fund in our Donor Handbook.