The Children’s Opportunity Fund (COF) was established as a component fund of The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region (CFNCR) in May 2016.  Launched with joint funding by both Montgomery County Government and Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS), the fund seeks to support strategic investments that improve the lives of children and families, including efforts to disrupt the social determinants that predict educational achievement gaps.


  • •  The Children’s Opportunity Fund brings together top government leadership and dedicated community partners to plan, advocate for and fund strategic investments that improve the lives of children and families in Montgomery County.
  • •  The Children’s Opportunity Fund envisions a deliberate, coordinated strategy for aligning public and private resources to ensure that all children have access to the essential services and growth opportunities they will need to thrive.


  • •  Commitment of top MCPS and County government leadership to establish and actively participate in a dedicated public/private effort
  • •  Interagency and multisector collaboration
  • •  High-level county leadership help set direction for mission-aligned investments to promote the well-being of all youth
  • •  NOT a service delivery model
  • •  Creates opportunity to better align county investments for systemic impact disrupting the social determinants of the achievement gap
  • •  Committed to scalable, evidence informed interventions with rigorous evaluation of outcomes to document return on investment


If the Children’s Opportunity Fund facilitates cross-system collaboration and convenes interested private funders to expressly invest in addressing the opportunity gaps that result because students from low-income families do not have access to the same supports and experiential learning available to their more affluent peers, the result will be improved outcomes for children and families and a reduction in the achievement gap.


GOAL 1 The COF will provide a community-based infrastructure for aggressively seeking out new funding sources outside of the school system budget to fund innovative, evidence-based efforts targeted at disrupting the social determinants that currently predict the achievement gap and will rigorously evaluate all interventions to determine return on investment.
GOAL 2 The COF will be strategic in identifying priority areas for investment based upon unmet need; and will rely on data and research into best practices for reducing opportunity and achievement gaps to support meaningful impact on a large scale.
GOAL 3 The COF will afford a mechanism for more deliberately aligning resources toward effective county inter-agency and cross system collaborations serving our most vulnerable youth and their families to achieve maximum positive impact on improving outcomes for children and families.



Contact Information:

Mala B. Thakur, Executive Director
Children’s Opportunity Fund
The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region
Montgomery County Office