Greater Washington Workforce Development Collaborative Library

The Collaborative supports research, advocacy, and consensus-building efforts aimed at informing key state and local workforce policy decisions. Our work with local policy and advocacy organizations is among our most impactful, with work occurring on both the individual-jurisdiction and regional levels. Our partners in this arena represent a spectrum of approaches to impacting workforce policy, from focused budget and legislative tracking and analysis to mobilization of community leaders and stakeholders through coordinated campaigns.

Listed below is a compilation of research reports that were developed as a result of critical grant support from the Workforce Collaborative.

Maximizing WIOA’s Potential: A Regional Analysis of the State Plans of Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC

The Commonwealth Institute for Fiscal Analysis, DC Appleseed, the DC Fiscal Policy Institute, Job Opportunities Task Force and the Maryland Center on Economic Policy completed a cross-jurisdictional project in which key elements of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) state plans of DC, MD and VA are compared and contrasted.

The Commonwealth Institute

DC Appleseed

DC Alliance of Youth Advocates

DC Fiscal Policy Institute

First Tuesdays Workforce Advocacy Group

Job Opportunities Task Force

Maryland Center for Economic Policy

Other Workforce Development Reports