Preparing youth for success requires not just meeting traditional education expectations, but also contextualizing learning in applied settings that demonstrate the connection to jobs and foster workforce readiness.  Many young people who attempt to re-engage in education after slipping off-track have spent time in the labor market or are currently working and desire meaningful learning experiences that directly connect to job advancement.  In addition, these youth typically have responsibilities and time demands such as family caretaking and employment that limits their ability to learn within a traditional school schedule. Rather than a required amount of time spent on tasks in traditional classroom settings, a portfolio of options that meet the individual needs of youth must be available.

Our Connecting Youth to Opportunity investments include:women in dresses

District of Columbia: A partnership with the DC Alliance of Youth Advocates to produce a study of the causal factors of young people’s disconnection and reconnection and best practices in sustaining reconnection from the perspective of youth and providers.  Click Connecting Youth to Opportunity: Better Understanding the Needs of Disconnected Youth in Washington, DC to download a copy of the report and executive summary.

Prince George’s County: The Community Foundation will offer a series of in depth tours of select Prince George’s County Public Schools, and private schools where deemed appropriate, showcasing successful strategies in the areas of early childhood, parent engagement, dropout prevention and college and career readiness.  The tours are designed to inform philanthropic and private sectors leaders and solicit engagement and support as well as define opportunities to scale up successful practices. View highlights from each of our tours by clicking on the links below: