Achieving Economic Security by Strengthening the Safety Net

fooddriveHelping individuals and families in the region by increasing access to high quality services (i.e.,food and shelter) and strengthening the safety-net service delivery system. Along with education and strengthening the safety net, workforce development is one of The Community Foundation’s three strategic investment priorities. Our investments in these three areas work together towards one overarching goal – achieving economic security for all residents of the greater Washington region. Learn about our initiatives.

While the greater Washington region has one of the strongest economies in the nation, poverty continues to grow and the demand for safety-net services continues to increase while resources drastically decrease. According to the Metropolitan Washington Council of Government’s 2012 Count of Homeless Persons, there are 11,830 homeless people in our region with children and youth representing 29% of the homeless population. Homelessness among the region’s families has increased nearly 23 percent since 2008 in our region, compared to 1.2 percent for the nation since 2009. The region’s overall increase in familyhomelessness is attributedto the impact of the economic crisis and the lack of affordable housing. Service providers are unable to meet the increased and steady demand for shelter, housing, emergency financial assistance. Learn about our impact.