Gala Celebrations

celebrationCelebration of Civic Spirit:

The Community Foundation’s annual Celebration of Civic Spirit honors individuals, who through their philanthropic leadership and generosity have created lasting improvements to our community. Gala proceeds benefit The Community Foundation‘s work to make the Washington region a community where equity, access, and opportunity are available to all.

Linowes Leadership Awards:

The Linowes Leadership Awards program recognizes individuals of creativity, vision, and leadership who work in a community in the greater Washington metropolitan area. The program honors the community leadership legacy of deceased board member R. Robert Linowes. Since 1997, the Linowes Leadership Award has recognized “unsung heroes” who exercise their community leadership in a variety of roles and across multiple sectors – as volunteers, faith leaders, activists, students, nonprofit staff or executives, public sector officials, or business persons. Awardees are extraordinary people, of all ages, with compelling stories of courage and commitment and no expectations of reward or recognition. Each award recipient receives an unrestricted, direct grant of $2,000, and an additional $3,000 to be contributed to the local community organization of his/her choice. The cash awards are supported by the Community Leadership Fund of The Community Foundation.

Civic Leadership Awards:

The Annual Civic Leadership Awards represent Prince George’s County’s long history of giving and service to our region. The Honorees are regionally and nationally-renowned community and cultural leaders. The Civic Leadership Awards were established to recognize, honor, and promote outstanding community leadership in Prince George’s County, MD. The Awards salute individual servant-leaders who enhance the quality of life in the county, working tirelessly and unselfishly behind the scenes and in the forefront. These community guardians steadfastly commit and dedicate themselves in service to Prince George’s County and its residents. An annual celebration event is held to recognize the valuable contributions of honorees and the county’s nonprofit sector.

Celebration of Giving:

The Community Foundation for Montgomery County’s annual event brings together hundreds of local philanthropists, business leaders, elected officials, professional wealth advisors, foundation representatives, and leaders of the County’s nonprofit sector. The event raises the profile of local charitable giving and encourages all of us to “give where we live.”

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Annual Meeting & Impact Series

Our Annual Meeting features thought-provoking discussion forums as well as the President’s report on our work over the past year. We invite and encourage all of our donors to attend this luncheon event.

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Strengthening the nonprofit sector

Nonprofit Sector and Leadership Development

We are committed to strengthening our region’s nonprofit organizations working to make the Washington metropolitan area a place of opportunity for all. Through targeted grants, general support grants, and other capacity-building and leadership development assistance, we help strengthen the region’s nonprofit organizations and their leaders. From shining a light on effective organizations and committed individuals to incubating new organizations and supporting philanthropy-related research, The Community Foundation, along with its affiliates, is working to promote the value and effectiveness of the nonprofit sector.

Nonprofit Advancement Fund:

The Community Foundation for Montgomery County plays a leadership role in supporting the development of a healthy, coordinated nonprofit sector in the county through the Nonprofit Advancement Fund for Montgomery County. Its objectives are to:

  • Strengthen nonprofits through board development, leadership training, and other innovative capacity building activities, thereby enhancing nonprofits’ ability to address county needs and opportunities; and
  • Create and sustain new partnerships and more effective dialogue among nonprofits, local government and private sector/private philanthropy. It links the efforts of all the sectors to achieve a better quality of life for the county’s residents.

The Partnership for Prince George’s County (PPGC):

The Partnership is an innovative, collaborative philanthropic effort made up of local and regional foundations, individual donors, nonprofit organizations, and county public officials. Together, we share a vision and commitment of strengthening the nonprofit sector in Prince George’s County, as well as enhancing the impact and efficiency of regional philanthropic investment in the county.

The goal of the PPGC is to establish a network of sustainable organizations that can work collaboratively with public and private partners to make a measurable difference in the lives of families and communities in Prince George’s County. The PPGC addresses the four core competencies of high performing organizations – Adaptive, Management, Technical, and Leadership. The Partnership utilizes a broad mix of capacity building strategies including assessments, grantmaking, leadership development training and technical assistance workshops to achieve three critical outcomes: build the capacity of nonprofit organizations to be effective agents for social change; strengthen the ability of nonprofit organizations to be effective advocates at the county level; and enhance awareness of the needs in Prince George’s County among funders, nonprofit and government leaders. These outcomes – building organizational capacity, creating effective advocates and increasing awareness of community needs – are vital to the social and economic development of Prince George’s County.