The Executive team provides leadership on critical issues in our community and works with our partners in private, nonprofit, and public sectors to ensure that our region is safe, vibrant, and thriving for all residents. For 40 years, The Community Foundation has brought together people and resources to tackle critical community issues. Today, our Executive team, in partnership with our Board of Trustees and Community Investment team steers our community leadership efforts, fostering economic security through investments in education, workforce development, and safety net initiatives.

Bruce McNamer
President and CEO

(202) 955-5890

Ayann Johnson Bailey
Executive Assistant to the President and Office Manager

(202) 263-4783

Finance and Accounting

The Finance and Accounting team uses strategy and experience to responsibly steward The Foundation’s assets. Our finance team also disperses funds and financial reports to donors, advisors, partners, and grantees. With more than 30 years of proven experience in sound financial stewardship, our expertise enables you to make the most of your investment. We manage all donor funds according to the highest standards of accountability. An annual audit is conducted and an additional independent committee of professionals reviews the results. At the end of each fiscal quarter, donors receive a financial report on the investment returns and grantmaking activity of their fund.

Shannon Scott
Chief Financial Officer

Juliana Mitrojorgji
Senior Director of Finance

(202) 303-2427

Hart Franko
Senior Accountant

(202) 263-4776

Kimberly Arriola
Staff Accountant

(202) 303-2437

Mallory Slivka
Administrative Associate/Receptionist
(202) 955-5890

Kathy Matthews
Grants Manager

(202) 263-4773

Kesha Chandler
Grants Associate
(202) 263-4772

Philanthropic Engagement / Brand & Impact

Our Philanthropic Engagement team helps donors who have funds with The Community Foundation to fulfill their philanthropic visions. We provide customized services to help you discern your philanthropic values and dreams, involving your families and professional advisors if you so choose, to connect you with effective nonprofit organizations, and to ensure that your grant recommendations are processed efficiently.  We offer opportunities to connect with other donors through our Sharing program, annual galas, and other initiatives that maximize the collective impact of our community of givers.  Our Brand and Impact team ensures The Community Foundation clearly and effectively communicates its activities and impact, and is responsible for providing the strategic vision and supporting the tactical implementation of all external and internal communications and marketing functions across the organization.

Nancy Withbroe
Vice President of  Philanthropic Engagement
(202) 263-4763

District of Columbia

Amina Anderson
Director, DC Office
(202) 303-2440

Gisela Shanfeld
Donor Services Associate

(202) 263-4779

Montgomery County

Anna Hargrave
Executive Director
(301) 495-3036 x 161

Bridget Hanagan
Donor Services Officer

(301) 495-3036 x 169

Kevin Donnelly
Donor Services Associate

(301) 495-3036 x 162

Prince George’s County

Desiree Griffin-Moore
Executive Director

(301) 918-8480 x 163

Mustafa Rahin
Donor Services Officer

(301) 918-8480 x 168

Brand & Impact

Amber J. Simmons
Brand and Impact Manager

(202) 303-2425

Community Investment

The Community Investment team focuses on The Community Foundation’s three community leadership priorities: education, workforce development, and safety net services. The Foundation launches initiatives and carries out responsive grantmaking to address challenges and respond to the pressing needs of our community. Our Community Investment team, experts in grantmaking and local issues, are highly knowledgeable about these issues and the most effective nonprofit organizations in the Washington metropolitan area working to affect positive change.

Tonia Wellons
Vice President, Partnerships and Community Engagement

Benton Murphy
Senior Director, Philanthropic Services
(202) 263-4765

Silvana Straw
Senior Philanthropic Services Officer

(202) 263-4775

Dawnn Leary
Senior Philanthropic Services Officer
(202) 973-2519

Alicia Reid
Philanthropic Services Officer, Children and Family Legacy Fund


Manon Matchett
Philanthropic Services Officer, The City Fund

(202) 303-2430

Melen Hagos
Community Investment Associate

(202) 955-5890


Rebecca Rothey
Vice President, Development and Senior Philanthropic Advisor 

Joanne Pipkin
Director of Development
(202) 263-4781

Emily Davis
Donor Services Associate

(202) 973-2501